Yuliya’s Photos & 5 Top Tips

I met Yuliya at Morley College in 2008, where we both studied Drama for a while, since then she has carried on with acting and has performed professionally in theatre and film. As if this wasn’t enough she is also an exceptionally talented photographer and when we got in touch with each other again this year she offered to take some photos of me. She did an amazing job and was great to work with, very professional and she made me feel really comfortable which is essential if you want to look relaxed in a photo. She has an incredible amount of passion for what she does, you can tell she is completely in a zone when she’s working and she also pays a lot of attention to small details making sure every part of the photo works together. I love Yulia’s work; it really is wonderful check out her flicker page with a selection of her other photos.

I asked Yuliya if she could give 5 top tips on taking a great photo and here they are.

  1. Free yourself from wanting a good picture, no ego involved.
  2. Be friends with your camera.
  3. Connect your eyes directly with your soul.
  4. In the process of taking photos you may start to experience an exiting buzz in your system and feel like a shaman in meditation connected with the whole universe. This is the time when you are able to create a masterpiece.
  5. Like what you are working with. When you enjoy taking a photo, people will recognise the signature of your soul imprinted in the photo.

Yuliya also went on to say ‘’A process of photographing it is the process of meditation; it clears your mind and brings ecstatic satisfaction for your soul’’


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