Red, White and Blue

It was great to be asked back, to sing at The Royal Standard Pub, Blackheath and how much more appropriate a name could you get for a venue to kick of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

This is actually one of the most local gigs I have, it’s literally just up the road from where I live, I went to school round the corner and I’ve walked past this pub more times than I can tell you. It’s an impressive building that you cannot fail to miss and the immediate area is known as ‘The Standard’ after this local, iconic, landmark. It was built in 1848 by William Wynn at the cost of £2,000, which was probably a lot of money at the time…. The Standard has recently changed over to new management and they are doing a brilliant job in turning this pub into what feels more like a community hub with a welcoming atmosphere, more like it should be and was intended to be when it was built. Go to their Facebook page to see some of the different sporting, family, music and other events they have going on and some pics of us too!
Katy and I (Sax Singer) really enjoyed the gig, the people were lovely, friendly and seemed to really appreciate us being there. A few of my friends and neighbours came too, some of whom did a great job singing backing vocals! It was good fun and we’re looking forward to playing here again.

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