Nevada St

The Last Time I sang here 6 years ago, I came out smelling like the bottom of an ash tray, thank heavens for the smoking ban! Although a slightly less foggy experience, Oliver’s jazz bar hasn’t lost a bit of its shabby chic charm and basement jazz club authenticity but with a new area opened up as if carved into the clay foundation of Greenwich by magic, it now adds a palatial feel.

The place was packed out when I sung here 6 years ago but this time we found ourselves performing to a small crowd once again. I’m still blaming the Olympics and Oliver the owner says the same thing.

We did manage to draw a small crowd mainly loyal family and friends but we also managed to catch the ear of two passing students on their way home from long shifts at a pub round the corner. We had a chat with them at the end and they were so lovely about us, they said when they heard us on Nevada St outside, they had to come down, it wasn’t a question of should they, they simply had to. This made the gig worthwhile for me and they are now on my mailing list. It was lovely to see good friends too.

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