Is 70 the new 60?

The lady celebrating her 70th birthday looked more like she was in her mid 50’s and certainly not a day over 60. So if 70 is the new 60 I’m still in my 20’s, well that is a relief and it may bring some comfort to you too. Although some wise words from mum would be ”the alternative to getting old isn’t great”.

Purple Park Quartet played to a lovely crowd of around 150 people, which was a nice change to the more intimate gigs we’ve been doing lately. I managed to grab a plate of West Indian curry and rice before leaving which was delicious and as I was loading the car with the ridiculous amount of pa equipment I have, one of the guests came over to say how much he enjoyed the music. He was very sincere and said:

‘’Absolutely beautiful! It really was brilliant, the band was really tight and very professional. My only disappointment was, it wasn’t long enough!’’ – Floyd Blackwood


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