A wedding fit for a Princess

When I was asked to sing at my cousin Paul’s wedding, I felt very honoured. I have shared many happy childhood summer holidays with him and I have such fond memories of this.

The wedding and reception at the beautiful Hampton Court House, the website doesn’t really do it justice, unless you are lucky enough to be able to afford to send your children to school there. It’s not obvious from the website you can hire it for weddings but it really is perfect and a stunning venue, I can highly recommend it. It was a Hindu ceremony which was beautiful and truly harmonious. Di and her dress were spellbinding and the Indian sari’s were colourful and elegant, I loved them and now would love to have one. Although the young girls on my table couldn’t wait to change out of theirs for the evening reception, I did offer to swap, was worth a try.

The weather was spectacular, you could never have predicated it. Performing with me was Pete Duncan on guitar and Rufai Ajala on alto sax, we played outside the beautiful conservatory on a quaint patio, shaded by palm trees, it wasn’t hard to imagine being somewhere exquisitely exotic! I love singing outside, it’s my favourite place to sing. The soft breeze was also very welcome in the heat but it meant my choice of a lovely floaty frock was revealing a full frontal with every gentle gust! And my choice of black knickers made it look far worse that it was…thank goodness I had some leggings on hand.
Apart from the slight wardrobe malfunction, it all went very well. People made some lovely comments, which was great. For me it was an unforgettable day, really beautiful.

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