1948 Fete

In a small corner of Greenwich, Olympic fever had moved away from the infamous equestrian in Greenwich Park to a small, relatively unknown beauty called the Pleasuance  Park and it griped a community for the two day 1948 Fete, the 1948 theme coming from the last time Great Britain hosted the Olympic Games.

Purple Parks performance on the Saturday was probably the best gig I have ever had, the band (Rufai Ajala – Alto Sax, Pete Duncan – Guitar, Pharao Smeaton-Russel – Drums, and Paolo Bassi – Electric Bass) were all amazing, what a brilliant idea to add drums and bass to our existing Purple Park Trio, it really did funk things up and it defiantly works, we got people up on their feet which was exactly what we were after. I had so much support at this gig too, with it being a really local one for me, my friends and family showed up in force and I love them all for that. The organiser did a fantastic job on this too, the stage setup, pa, sound engineer and compare were all brilliant, let’s hope they do something similar next year, it could be the start of something.


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